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The Faylen Mushroom Ltd is one of the biggest group of producers in  Hungary concentrating on sales of fresh mushrooms  • More than a decade experience in mushroom growing    • Large production capacity, controlled by the owners which besides     managing the company they are also producers as well  • Huge production field (Currently 30.000 m2) • Scheduled production, always fresh quality is quaranteed  • Direct deliveries from producers, no any intermediate traders  • Different plastic tray packaging (150g/250g/400g/500g/1000g)  • Continuos product supply in large quantity is ensured (even 30      tons/week)  • Experience in collaboration with big international and domestic retail      chains such as Auchan, Carrefour, Real. Our logistic centre and main office is situated at Budafok in Budapest   including integument-storage, cold-storage plant, packaging place. We  deliver our products with two own cold-storage vans.  
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"Our mission is to produce premium, high  quality fresh mushrooms on a reasonable  price level, continuos and safety compliance  preserving real values, traditions of our  mushroom growers and providing them  ongoing professional progression, growth."